VacuumCapital / A Museum of Capitalism is seeking submissions to our Museum Catalogue.

Do you like objects? Do you hate objects? Do you feel nothing or something towards them? Tell us about it!
We've been collecting objects and assembling information about them. We are accepting writing about any specific objects, from the perspective of either reality— the present (post-capitalism) or the alternate-present (capitalism)— see museum page for clarity. An object can be interpreted as a concrete, physical thing or something more abstract. You may write in whatever style or voice you'd like. Collages, visual art, sound, etc also accepted! We are not looking for essays, please keep written submissions around or under 300 words. Consider including a picture of the object(s) you've written about if you are able to and want to.
A direct link to the Museum Catalogue can be found on the bottom of this page for reference.

Directions for Submission:
All entries (and questions) should be emailed to vacuumcapital@gmail.com

Please include your name, email, and note if you'd like to remain anonymous or what name or fake name you'd like to be represented by.

Rolling Deadline! (submissions reviewed monthly)

When will I know if my entry was accepted into the catalogue??
You can expect to hear from us by the end of the month that you submitted it!

Museum Catalog