all objects are draggable

This project is a performative museum without a permanent location- our form is always changing.

THIS is not the museum. This is a website for people from both the post-capitalist present (present) and the capitalist present (alternate present) to access or help us with our research.

A collection is somewhere between order and disorder, arranging the world in specific ways. Originating as cabinets of curiosities, the museum-form inherently participates in colonialism, taking objects from people and displaying them in a way that showcases them as other and exotic and in the past. In this way, museums are actually critical agents in reproducing colonial violence and sustaining it across time well after the colonial moment.

A Museum of Capitalism is a traveling exhibition meant to counter the popular colonial traditions of display and knowledge. It investigates what it might be like to look back on capitalism and the museum-form from a post-capitalist society– a context highly critical of the constructs of race, gender, and economics under capitalism, a perspective from which capitalism appears as absurd and violent as it really is.