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Welcome to the cult of Lorem Ipsum Dolor (λ ί Δ), a prestegious group formed in 1776 around the principle of being in an exclusive club without the hassle of showing up or really being part of anything, not even an email list. YOU can become a lifetime member TODAY! All it takes is a one-time donation of $1,000. Donate here.

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Upcoming Seminars:

Rapid Toast Conspiracy

Keynote presentation by former co-chair of the Society for Retired Dog Trainers.
Members only. No dogs allowed.

Everything is Connected by the Connection

Hosted by the director of the P.P.P.P.P (Particle Physics Planning & Preparation Pepartment).
More info TBA.

Is the Desire to Eat BBQ Sauce Evolutionary?

Ever wonder what the relationship between thanksgiving and dinosaurs is? Does the modern human retain the urge to consume blood? Then what's the deal with BBQ sauce? Does Thanksgiving have a sinister proto-reptilian history?And how is that related to the Super Bowl?
Join us for a BBQ sauce and Ketchup dinner. Pannelists will include Barry Sinervo (the rock paper scissors guy) and other intellectuals on the peripheries of academia.