We give awards to the BEST OBJECTS everywhere we go!
Objects that earn this status for their hard work and determination as objects
will be inducted into the Museum of Capitalism catalog.

Plastic Wrap City, Texas

Induction in process.

Off Center Art Hive, New Mexico

Inducted March 4, 2018.

#NOTAFLOF #Community

An amazing community creative space! The space is held open for folks to create whatever they want.
No one is dismissed from the space for not purchasing something. Community workshops hosted here. Serves mainly the houseless community.

White Necks of Sedona, Arizona

Inducted February 25, 2018.

#white-necks #cultural-appropriation #commodity #white-hippies

Endless rows of white necks displaying Hopi jewelry, with a Certificate of Authenticity at the center of the array.
Audience: wealthy white tourists who stay at time shares and resorts. It seems that people buy these
for two main reasons: 1. to prove in public to others that they are cultured and enlightened, spiritual;
2. to own one of these objects as a trinket symbolizing the past as a collectors item purely meant to fetishize
a colonial/invented/white idea of some kind of consistent, static, past Native American culture.

Pink Jeep Timeshare Tours, Arizona runner-up

#time-shares #wealth #disneyland #tourism #erotic

Is the Pink Jeep erotic, as Beaudrillard might suggest?
It is fast, it blurs the line between public and private space,it is exclusive yet public, it seems to embody the concept
of what is known here as femininity in its pinkness while simultaneously embodying the opposite quality of masculinity
in its rugged off-road auto qualities. (These associations are a bit unclear to us, but seem to fit popular ideas here).

These tours are offered exclusively to tourists involved in Time Shares, at reduced costs.
This wealthy tourism combined with the trend of people taking their money with them
here to retire has made Sedona so expensive that almost nobody can afford to live there.

People we interviewed mentioned this as a problem, that many of the people who once lived in Sedona are being pushed out
because they cannot afford it anymore. We noticed this idea that the original Sedona starts after the initial colonial moment
also in the historical plaques and posters around the town. While there is no acknowledgement of the indigenous people
who have been living there long before white people, the tourism around sacred energy sites and the countless stores
selling Native American trinkets/ideas continues to exploit indigenous lives for profit.

Pioneertown, California

Inducted February 18, 2018.

#desert #dirtbikes #dumpsters #flags #western #fake #lotsofwhitemenwithbeards
#hollywood-disneyland #fake #simulation #cowboy-nostalgia #fake #colonialism-tourism

This town was created in 1946 as a Hollywood movie set, and is now inhabited and run as a nostalgic tourist attraction.
Many people visit this monument to transport themselves into a romantic idea of the old west that transforms the horrors
of colonialism into a cute attraction. Upon interviewing other visitors, we learned that many peopleare unaware of
Pioneertown's history as a movie set. They go there to experience authenticity. The site is about creating a spectacle
where people feel like they’re inside a movie and/or inhabiting some white, idealized vision of the past. It is also about
capitalizing off of people’s experience of this dreamy place. People may book events such as weddings there,
and each fake storefront really sells things.

San Diego American Flag Mural, California runner-up

#art-business-district #quaint #shop-local #imperialism #wet-paint