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WHY A Museum of Capitalism?

You can read all about that HERE! (This is a paper modified from a presentation we recently gave at the Historical Materialism conference in Montréal).

What is the relationship between vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers? How do these air machines reinforce and reproduce gendered divisions of labor? What is the relation between sucking/blowing and femininity/masculinity?

answer pending

What's up with the vacuum? What's that got to do with capitalism or snakes eating their own tails?

well, yes, it's all a little unclear. In a way, capitalism as a system can perhaps be thought of similar to the ouroboros– it is constantly reproducing itself, consuming its surplus workers, multiplying debt, and educating people in a similar cyclical way, producing ideas and workers that will continue to reproduce it.

Is capitalism actually an infinite force like the ouroboros-vacuum-cleaner might suggest?

NO WAY! – It is extremely rare for snakes to die of old age. While capitalism attempts to reproduce the relations of production, those are in no way natural/fixed/infinite... the snake is finite. It will not destroy itself, but it can be killed by a wild boar, a raccoon, a mongoose... an outside force. We cannot wait for capitalism to just end somehow. A snake cannot die from its own venom. There must be a revolutionary struggle to overthrow it. We must agitate it, disrupt it, and kill the snake. And feed the masses with its flesh!

A few resources on the reproduction on capitalism:
Lefebvre - The Survival of Capitalism: Reproduction of the Relations of Production
Althusser - On the Reproduction of Capitalism